The Protective Intelligence Summer 2022 Podcast List

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With Summer around the corner and travel picking back up, I’ve added a few series to my podcast rotation. While I always have a book or two nearby that I am reading (in addition to ones I’m writing), giving my eyes a break and listening to a good podcast is always a safe bet.

If you’ve enjoyed my Fall and Winter lists, you’re in luck — the series listed below are bound to entertain in the hot months ahead.

The Live Drop, hosted by Mark Valley

Check out The Live Drop for a look into the elusive world of intelligence collection and espionage to spot, assess and debrief any of the following: spies, handlers, catchers, analysts, cut-outs, dangles, diplomats, security experts, and occasionally the storytellers who bring them all to life. Mark is also a talented Hollywood actor and I was lucky enough to be a guest on his show for Beirut Rules.

Secrets & Spies, hosted by Chris Carr

Chris does a solid job of helping listeners better understand the world of counterterrorism and espionage from the people who have direct experience. I’ve also been a guest on Chris’ podcast and his film (The Dry Cleaner) is great surveillance tradecraft.

No Limits: The Mitch Rapp Podcast, hosted by Mitch Rapp

Mitch Rapp is a fictional character in a series of novels by Vince Flynn and in the film adaptation of American Assassin. Since Flynn’s death in 2013, the series has been continued by Kyle Mills. Here, two fans of the novels review Flynn’s books.

The Crew Reviews, hosted by Chris Albanese, Mike Houtz, and Sean Cameron

These three go behind the scenes with some of the world’s greatest storytellers. New episodes release every Monday and you’ll hear from New York Times bestselling authors to literary agents for individuals like Jack Carr and Brad Thor.

Spear Talk: A Security Podcast, hosted by John Guarnieri

Spear Talk is a series that caters to a wide range of interests in the security world. They cover topics from martial arts, wildlife conservation, human trafficking, domestic violence, and life on the road as a security professional. John Guarnieri is the host, as well as the COO of Silver Spear Security in Beverly Hills, California – a premier private security firm specializing in executive protection, estate security, among other areas.

Extremely, hosted by Oren Segal

Unfortunately extremism, hate crimes and violence are on the rise. This is a podcast for anyone who wants to understand the topic from experts who are taking action. Hosted by Oren Segal, ADL’s Vice President of the Center on Extremism, and brought to you by ADL and American University, these conversations feature fresh perspectives on this global threat — and how we can stop them. We also have the honor of hosting Oren on the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast last year.

Remember to carve out time to listen to a new podcast this summer (when you’re not reading one of my books or listening to Ontic’s podcast), and please drop me a line if there’s one I missed.


Executive Director, Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence


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