A Female Perspective in the Male-Dominated Field of Executive Protection

From a very early age, Denida Grow had a calling to protect others. Fast forward a few decades and she is one of the foremost leaders in executive protection, breaking down barriers for women in the field by providing training, opportunities, and setting an example for women and men alike.

In this episode, Fred and Denida discuss the challenges for women in the industry, and the growing need for qualified female agents to protect executives and their family members. Denida shares what keeps her awake at night when she’s on an assignment; as well as the inspiration behind her business, Nannyguards, a hybrid service that combines child care with protective services.

Denida Grow is an International Executive Protection Specialist with over 19 years of experience working in different countries and with different cultures. In 2002 she founded Athena Worldwide and Athena Academy in Greece, a training and placement company dedicated to female security professionals. She wanted to create a place where females would be empowered and receive guidance as well as focus on soft skills, protective intelligence, covert protective details and conflict management, among others. The last 5 years she has been focusing on Intelligence Analysis, OSINT and the study of Body Language and Non Verbal Communication skills. Since 2020 she serves as the managing partner for LeMareschal LLC, an International Risk Management and Logistics company based in Seattle, WA.