A Leading Research Analyst’s View on the Transformation of Digital Intelligence

Physical security is experiencing the largest transformation in decades. Leading market research firms are doing all they can to keep up with the ever evolving shift, producing analysis that identifies the leaders excelling at innovation, exploring the growth environment and offering strategic insights that play a key role in plotting the industry’s future.

​In this episode, Fred is joined by Danielle VanZandt, Industry Analyst on the Security research team at Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm, and Manish Mehta, Chief Product Officer at Ontic.

Danielle has witnessed first hand the evolution of the security industry, specifically from a digital intelligence lens. She’s seen the convergence between the typically separate realms of physical, logical, and cyber solutions become packaged offerings for complete, end-to-end security operations. She believes passionately in the fact that without a holistic approach, security teams will quickly find themselves in the dark and outmanned against potential threats.

In this episode, Danielle shares what drew her to research, trend analysis, and market sizing for the Commercial and Public Security practice at Frost & Sullivan and how her role has evolved along with the evolution of the industry. Manish shares his own view on the future of digital intelligence and what it means for the Ontic Platform to be recognized as the top innovator in the 2021 Frost Radar for Digital Intelligence Solutions that Danielle produced.

If you’re interested in reading Danielle’s report and learning more about the future of digital intelligence, please visit ontic.co/FrostRadar.