Blend In or Stand Out: Lesser-Known Security Strategies with Mónica Duperon Rodriguez

Mónica Duperon Rodriguez didn’t start out in law enforcement or security. Instead, she was working as a facilities manager at a recreation center when she was recruited into a local police department that was looking to hire more women. Starting as a reserve officer, to see if she liked working in law enforcement in the first place, she discovered she had a talent and ambition for law enforcement and protection. She progressed through the ranks in law enforcement, including securing a place on the hostage negotiator team by emphasizing that she was bilingual in Spanish and English, and eventually was recruited into executive protection, now a senior manager with LinkedIn.

In her conversation with Dr. Marisa Randazzo, she shares stories from her time as a hostage negotiator and her approach to executive protection, where she emphasizes that knowing when to blend in can provide a critical tactical advantage. She ends with impactful advice for women and girls looking to start careers in law enforcement or executive protection.

Mónica is a security leader with over 30 years of experience in corporate security, protective services, private investigations, and law enforcement. She is an expert in the development and execution of security plans and operations designed to minimize exposure to liability; while protecting valuable human capital, equipment, resources, and facilities in civil and government agencies; in national and international forums. Monica has a diverse background in law enforcement, having worked on the Human Trafficking Task Force, Gang Task Force, and DEA Task Force, as well as serving as an Undercover Narcotics Detective, Field Training Officer, and SWAT Hostage Negotiator. She currently works as the Senior Manager of Global Security and Risk Management at LinkedIn.

Mónica also has a weekly show which can be found on Clubhouse (an audio drop app). The show will be expanding the program with pre-recorded segments on LinkedIn in mid-June.
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