British Intelligence Expert Shares the Greatest Threat Facing Public Figures

The feeling of being safe is not one we take for granted; however, it can take on many different forms depending on a person’s risk profile and tolerance. A person can have all the safety measures and technology available, and still not feel completely at ease. The psychology behind this is why Philip Grindell began Defuse Global, a UK-based security firm dedicated to ensuring high-profile individuals feel safer in public life.

Philip served as a Scotland Yard Detective in the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Operations Command for 30 years, during which he was seconded to British Intelligence for 2.5 years. As a former Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, he was responsible for the security plans protecting numerous events with the British Royal Family, Military and Government. He founded Defuse in 2019 and launched The Online Bodyguard podcast in 2022. (Check out his recent episode with Fred!)

Philip joins host Fred Burton to discuss:

  • How Philip came to be known as the ‘Online Bodyguard’ by UK media
  • How to create a baseline of threat activity to protect high profile targets
  • The most harmful threat to individuals that most would underestimate
  • Psychological effects of unwanted attention and problematic people