Forging Her Own Path: Creating a Threat Intelligence Company from Scratch

Identifying who could be posing a threat to an organization is far from a one-person job. It takes the right training and a team that represents multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise beyond security. Janet Lawless had a vision to create a company to provide that training and help organizations to build a threat intelligence capacity. Through creativity, networking, and relentless persistence, Lawless was able to create the Center for Threat Intelligence, which offers cutting-edge consulting, assessments, training, and a certification program for Certified Threat Intelligence Specialist Certification (CTIS).

Janet Lawless has challenged the status quo throughout her career. In former leadership roles at Microsoft and Cisco, she created and managed global programs focused on compliance and security. She is a member of InfraGard (a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector), the United States Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force and the Washington State Fusion Center. She is the Chair for ASIS Puget Sound and also founded “PCs 2 Vets” and has provided over 1,000 laptops to veterans.

Janet joins host Marisa Randazzo to discuss:

  • Training the tradecraft of threat intelligence
  • How to get threat intelligence programs up and running
  • Why diversity matters when building a threat intelligence team
  • Advice for women and girls seeking a career in security