How a Digitally-Informed Approach to Security Can Revolutionize the Patron Experience

Oftentimes when concert or sports venues ramp up their security measures, the guest experience is downgraded with longer lines and more processes and rules. This doesn’t have to be the case. A customer-backed model, keeping in mind what’s important to the patron and what information the GSOC needs to know, can transform the patron experience from the moment tickets are purchased online.

Peter Evans, CEO of Xtract One Technologies, leads his company around this model, and in his role he is devoted to advancing the physical security technology industry. Xtract is a leading technology-driven threat detection and security solution that uses unobtrusive threat detection systems to enable venues to deliver improved experiences while providing unprecedented safety.

Peter joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • How Xtract’s customer-based model drives insights and minimizes risk
  • The evolution of event security and why it’s not a one size fits all model
  • The value of technology in maximizing resources and improving the patron experience