Investigative Journalist Spotlights Failure in Supply Chain Security

When patients seek medical care, they trust that any recommended prescriptions will help them cure or prevent an illness. However, time and time again, the distribution system for compounded drugs leaves room for error — with drugs being made too fast, without having to be tracked and counted, and lacking FDA approval. This absence of oversight has, unfortunately, led to some fatal repercussions.

In this episode, Fred Burton and Jason Dearen, fellow author and investigative journalist, discuss Jason’s most recent book documenting the worst contaminated drug crisis in U.S. history. With the exception of vaccines, which undergo incredible testing and scrutiny, Jason shares eye opening information about the state by state “patchwork system” of drug distribution, and what is in a patient’s control. He also exposes a potentially larger issue around the nature of global threats we’re seeing today — specifically about supply chain distribution.

Jason Dearen is an Associated Press investigative journalist whose nonfiction narrative book KILL SHOT, was recently published by Penguin Random House imprint Avery Books. Dearen’s reporting and feature writing has appeared in major newspapers and websites, including the Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times, Miami Herald, and USA Today. He was a 2018-19 Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT. His accountability journalism has led to policy changes at both state and federal levels and is the recipient of numerous journalism awards.

For more information, check out Dearen’s website: www.jasondearen.com