Addressing the Cracks to Build a Comprehensive Security Program

Straight from the floor of GSX 2022, Bryan Flannery, President of Foresight Consulting, LLC and Protective Intelligence Honors recipient, joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss the state of violence and the importance of building a comprehensive program to effectively address it.

Bryan and Chuck discuss how protection has evolved far beyond a person standing next to you — it’s about a feeling of confidence that a space and all visitors have been vetted, that there are contingency plans in place for all scenarios, and, most importantly but often overlooked, that all teams are exchanging the information they need to keep people and assets safe. No feeling is more important.

Bryan shares the more common gaps he observes in security programs and why identifying the cracks is critical to success — risk will always be there, but it’s the programmatic responses in place (i.e. proper reporting mechanisms) that mitigate it from becoming a company-wide concern.

Bryan Flannery is the President of Foresight Security Consulting. His passion to keep people safe leads him to bring a holistic approach to security and safety, garnered over 22 years in the military, law enforcement, and as a consultant for state and federal government agencies, corporate clients, schools, and houses of worship. Read more about Foresight Consulting here.