Mailroom Security — The Unfortunate Impact of Overlooking Screening Protocols

The corporate mailroom is often pushed down on the priority list for security concerns, with eyes on visitor management, events, and other high-traffic areas. However, the hard truth is that the logistics of mail screening, or failure to do so, impacts almost every aspect of the business — from business continuity to insider threats to executive protection.

Alex Sappok, Chief Executive Officer at RaySecur Inc., has helped transform how leading security teams at Fortune 500 corporations keep their people and business safe from all types of mail attacks. He is a tech entrepreneur with a proven track record of developing and bringing disruptive innovations in historically conservative industries to market.

Alex joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • The impact of screening procedures on various areas of the business and the implications of pushing them aside
  • How he approaches mail security solutions for Raysecur’s client base
  • Why Raysecur uses a nontraditional approach to the digital transformation trend