Maintaining Business Continuity in Times of Crisis — Lessons from Israeli-Based MAX Security

Since October 7th, businesses in the Israel region and beyond have been forced to reframe how they think about their priorities based on the threat environment and the resources available. However, some are more prepared than others when it comes to planning and decision-making.

Tzahi Shraga is the Chief Intelligence Officer of MAX Security Solutions and joins the podcast to share what sets companies apart from others when faced with unforeseen circumstances. Shraga is a former lieutenant colonel from the Israeli intelligence services where he spent 29 years in service gaining vast experience in the field of operational intelligence. His deep expertise in strategic, risk and counter-terrorism analysis and intelligence collection has helped turn MAX into one of the security industry’s most innovative intelligence operations. 

Key topics of Shraga’s discussion with host Chuck Randolph include:

  • How the Israel-Hamas War has impacted business operations, and what sectors in particular are at risk.
  • What intel experts need to drive decision-making and forecasting in this volatile environment.
  • What companies or business travelers should consider before traveling in the region.

Key takeaways:

12:36: Tzahi: Early preparation is essential way before the crisis starts. It’s hard to believe, but even today and yesterday we have conversations and meetings with companies that didn’t take any measures and only remembered when the reality hits them. I’m talking about having the right evacuation plans and awareness training for the employees. They need to know where is the next shelter and what to do when a Red Alert Siren is heard. 

29:08: Tzahi: You can read the newspaper and you’ll have good facts, but as intel experts we need to bring assessments — our understanding of the environment and the situation and our prediction about what is to come. When we bring this we really help the decision making.