Moving from Competition to Cooperation in Corporate Security from a Former Homicide Detective and S.W.A.T. Team Sniper

Whether you work in security or not, breaking down silos and working collaboratively behind the same purpose is a goal we’ve heard of time and time again. However, when you’re charged with protecting the lives of others, the reputation of your company and its assets, this goal moves up on the priority list — sharing information is crucial to success.

In this episode, C.K. Redlinger discusses how his time in the military helped inform his approach to bringing teams together in the corporate security arena. He shares the framework he’s found most successful, and work environments where it’s particularly important to incorporate. As a bonus, you’ll also hear about his work as a stunt performer — a role not many of us can say we’ve had a chance to accomplish.

C.K. serves as the VP over Business Continuity, Corporate Security and Real Estate for Blucora and its subsidiaries, Avantax and TaxAct. His background spans law enforcement, where he served as a Homicide Detective in metro Atlanta, to S.W.A.T. team sniper, to Special Operations Training Instructor. Additionally, C.K. has worked on a dozen movie and TV productions as a technical advisor, stunt performer, and actor.