Ontic Acquires SIGMA, Advances Physical Threat Management Standard

As social and political issues continue to fuel threats and disruptions that span companies, communities, and educational institutions, physical security professionals are in need of a holistic, highly effective, technology-driven approach. One that not only provides a comprehensive view of the threat landscape and surfaces critical knowledge but that guides the identification of threats, gathering of information, assessment, creation and implementation of plans for addressing threats.

In this bonus episode, Fred sits down with Ontic’s CEO and co-founder, Luke Quanstrom, and CEO and founder of SIGMA Threat Management Associates (SIGMA), Dr. Marisa Randazzo to announce a milestone in both companies’ history — Ontic’s acquisition of SIGMA. With this, the Ontic platform combines protective intelligence and threat assessment methodology to become indispensable for the efficient and productive workflows of physical security and safety professionals.

The three discuss what this means for the future of Ontic and protective intelligence as well as their shared commitment to help organizations proactively seek out the potential for problems, and address them before a negative event can occur. Tune in for this exciting announcement and follow along as we continue our mission of making businesses safer by serving intelligence to those who protect.