Soft Skills That Set Security Professionals Apart When Moving From Public to Private Sectors

Whether it’s a SWAT team investigation or organized retail crime, there’s always more to the story than it appears. The simple, but often overlooked skill of taking time to listen to people, versus reacting to surface-level information, allows investigators to understand the complete picture of what is happening and how it’s connected to surrounding events. This expertise is one of the many factors contributing to Julie Marzheuser’s success, both in the public and private sectors.

Julie Marzheuser is the Organized Retail Crime Investigations Manager at The Kroger Co. — the country’s second-largest supermarket chain by revenue. In her role, she conducts threat assessments for internal and external cases and provides executive protection to C-Level executives and board members. She is a former law enforcement professional with a wide range of experiences — including investigations, crisis/hostage negotiation, SWAT team, VIP protection, and event security.

In this episode, Julie discusses the following topics with host Dr. Marisa Randazzo:

  • What led her to begin a career path on the front lines of security
  • Her transition from the public to the private sector
  • Challenges in the retail industry and how she has worked to address them
  • Advice for women and girls looking to get into the security industry