Anticipating Risk on a Global Scale from Salesforce’s Strategic Intelligence Team

The feeling of uncertainty is no stranger to corporate security teams around the world. From the pandemic, to civil unrest, to the war in Ukraine, teams have learned the hard way how these global events can suspend business and cause employees to take on a general feeling of doubt about what to do next.

How can companies look over the horizon and anticipate these risks? Lewis Sage-Passant does a deep dive on this topic both in his research and his day-to-day work as the Global Strategic Intelligence Manager at Salesforce. In this episode, he speaks with Fred about how teams can shift their perception from a cost center to a partner who can speak the language of the business and deliver strategic information to serve the revenue-driving parts of the business. He also shares his research into the history of private-sector intelligence – its expansion after 9/11, the controversial territory of activist and environmental threats, and the ethics of intelligence.

Lewis is a Doctoral Researcher at the UK’s Loughborough University focusing on the history, structure, capabilities, and ethics of intelligence in the private sector. Lewis currently works for leading U.S. technology company, Salesforce, as their Global Strategic Intelligence manager. Lewis is also the founder and co-editor of EncyclopediaGeopolitica.com, and works with multiple cross-industry intelligence-sharing groups including the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals and the EMEA Analyst Roundtable. Prior, Lewis worked in intelligence, security, and crisis management in Hong Kong and the Middle East in the investment banking and oil and gas industries.