The Evolution of Addressing Targeted Violence Since the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park Bombing

Receiving a call to be notified that there has been violent activity in the middle of the night is every security professional’s worst nightmare. However, when that activity is a bomb in the middle of Centennial Olympic Park, it takes on much broader implications.

Dave Benson speaks of his experience as a Special Agent for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and lessons learned from this pivotal event during his conversation with Fred Burton. He is an accomplished security professional with over 40 years of Public and Private Sector expertise in the areas of security management, protective operations, travel security, contingency planning and vulnerability/risk assessment, and mitigation. Prior to his government service, Dave served in various management positions for Walt Disney World Security.

Dave joins host Fred Burton to discuss:

  • Pitfalls in protection during the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996
  • How his role as Director of Training for DSS led him to a career focused on behavioral threat assessments and addressing targeted violence
  • Strategies to address concerning behaviors and mitigate risk in today’s threat environment