The Evolution of OSINT: Managing Privacy When It’s Nearly Impossible to Hide

Straight from the floor of GSX 2022, Don Sortor, Senior Vice President of Global Integrity, Inc, joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss the evolution of open source intelligence.

There was a time in the security profession when practitioners were fed intelligence informing them about how to approach (or avoid) a threat. Fast forward a few decades and it’s now evolved into an influx of information where it’s hard to identify what is needed and how to get ahead. More importantly, the ability to manage information to maintain privacy has become one of the most challenging aspects of security.

Don and Chuck discuss the rapid changes in managing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and share the unfortunate implications of turning a blind eye to such an important issue. The shift from actively finding information to preventing information from being discovered has changed the way we conduct business in our day-to-day lives. They discuss how to balance connecting with others online and protecting yourself, your family, and your business. They conclude with Don’s insight on Global Integrity’s latest product and how it’s revolutionizing the privacy industry and how we communicate.

Don has 30+ years in the security field. He is a subject matter expert in cyber and physical security having worked in the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and defense industries. He is deeply skilled in managing security programs and bringing products and services to market. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a past member of the group of experts to the OECD on cryptography, a former chairman of I-4, and current Vice Chair of the ASIS Intellectual Property Protection Steering Committee and a member of the ASIS Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee. Don is a US Navy veteran.