The Fifth Third Bank Shooting and the Rise of Whitney/Strong

What goes through your mind, and what would you do if you walk into an active shooter situation as you enter the building where you work? Was there anything you saw that could have helped you understand or avoid the situation? How do you receive help or escape without putting yourself at greater risk?

In this episode, Fred and Whitney Austin discuss the morning of September 6, 2018 when Whitney was shot 12 times as she entered the Fifth Third Bank headquarters in Cincinnati and how the incident both “upended and enriched” her life. Whitney shares what she saw and felt that morning and how she was able to recover and become inspired to tackle gun violence.

Whitney is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Whitney/Strong, an organization dedicated to preventing gun violence by promoting, advocating and supporting responsible gun ownership. Through majority-supported and evidence-based solutions, progress is achievable.

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