The Lagging Effects of the Red Sea Attacks on Multinational Corporations

Ross Hill, Founder of Insight Forward, returns to the podcast to discuss one of the more prominent crises in our threat landscape today: the attacks in the Red Sea. This conversation dives deeper into his previous discussion with host Chuck Randolph on What Today’s Permacrisis Means for Corporate Security Teams. The episode explores the implications of these attacks on business operations.

Key takeaways from their discussion include:

  • How the Houthi rebels’ attack on cargo ships disrupts critical trade routes and raises concerns about regional stability and economic impact.
  • The impact on economies and corporations in the regions where the attacks are taking place (and why multinational organizations are caught in the middle)
  • Examples of second and third order effects of the attacks on the economy and what companies should be looking for in the months ahead. 

Ross Hill founded Insight Forward to help companies understand how global dynamics directly affect their business. He applies his background leading intelligence analysis for prominent risk management organizations such as AT-RISK International and Pinkerton and has acquired an in-depth knowledge of core processes, program design and management, fulfilling senior management positions in global security and risk consultancies, and gaining exposure to renowned multinationals and driving their intelligence needs. He began his career as a Forensic DNA Analyst and as an Intelligence Analyst for the Metropolitan Police.

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