What Today’s Permacrisis Means for Corporate Security Teams

With multiple crises happening around the globe, it’s impossible for organizations to ignore the threat of geopolitics to their business. Security teams are forced to think beyond what’s happening now and consider what’s around the corner. Many understand the duty of care to keep employees safe; however not all realize that this extends to the geopolitical landscape. It is the duty of security leaders to help their organization make sense of what’s happening and be a calm voice in the midst of permacrisis.

Ross Hill, Founder of Insight Forward, is that calm voice for many as he helps businesses understand risk. He applies his background leading intelligence analysis for prominent risk management organizations such as AT-RISK International and Pinkerton, and has acquired an in-depth knowledge of core processes, programme design and management, fulfilling senior management positions in global security and risk consultancies, and gaining exposure to renowned multinationals and driving their intelligence needs. He began his career as a Forensic DNA Analyst and as an Intelligence Analyst for the Metropolitan Police.

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Key topics of Hill’s discussion with hosts Chuck Randolph and Fred Burton include:

  • Why global and national companies alike cannot escape the impact of geopolitics on their business, and why it’s critical to look beyond the threats you face today.
  • Why security leaders have a responsibility to help the people they protect make sense of the crises abroad and how misinformation (most notably with the Hamas War) has the ability to cause unwarranted concern and mistrust.
  • The top three things corporate security teams can do right now in light of multiple crises happening around the globe.