The Risk Profile and Motivation Behind Fully Armored Vehicles

There are not many car owners who contemplate the glass longevity, degree of sunlight exposure, or whether or not Windex has been applied to the inside and outside of the windows. However, these are exactly the types of details that run through the mind of Mark Caldwell, Co-Owner of TAC Americas, Ltd. — a market leader for manufacturing armored cars, trucks, SUVs, and other specialty vehicles.

In this episode, Fred and Mark discuss both the technical aspects of armoring and caring for a fully armored vehicle (FAV), as well as what motivates an individual to seek this heightened level of protection. Before committing to an investment in vehicle armoring, Mark encourages his clients (often heads of state or high-net-worth individuals) to think about what makes them a potential target, and factors that influence their level of protection — lifestyle, location (proximity to crime), etc.

Mark Caldwell is a former Special Agent and Regional Security Officer with the U.S. Department of State Security Service. Has served in this capacity globally, as well as in the private sector leading international security programs at Walmart, Proctor and Gamble and AIG. He currently works as a Corporate VP & Chief Compliance Executive of Grupo Financiero Atlantida and is a partner at TAC Americas, Ltd. The company is co-owned by Mark and Norma Caldwell and Trent Kimball. Norma is the President of the Honduran operation.
Additional Notes:

Learn more about Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), visit their website: https://www.texasarmoring.com/

A portion of TAC’s manufacturing operation is in San Pedro Sula, Honduras which has been subject to severe storms and damage. If you would like to read more or kindly donate to the cause, please view Mark’s LinkedIn article.