The Unmatched Value of Crisis and Contingency Planning for Situations You Least Expect

If you’re in trouble, even in the most intricate of situations, there’s a high likelihood that Frederic (Fred) Piry can think of a way out. With a background working in Mobile Security Deployments (MSD) — the 911 for diplomatic security — Fred has quite literally moved mountains to get protectees out of unimaginable situations.

In this episode, Fred and Fred (yes, it’s confusing at first but you’ll catch on) discuss the crisis management work he helps lead at Active Crisis Consulting, which includes custom security assessments and training for high net worth individuals. He also shares the shift in his business with COVID and civil unrest, and details of one of his most challenging jobs since entering the private sector.

Fred started his career as a Marine and then later went on to serve over 19 years with the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service as a Counter Terrorism Special Agent. He’s served in over 120 countries and is the recipient of the Medal of Valor, the highest civilian award. He has assisted with the investigation of many high-profile international terrorist incidents. Fred is a certified trainer for weapons/tactics, surveillance detection, hostage survival, and personal protective measures having trained thousands of U.S. government and military personnel.