Think Like an Intelligence Analyst – Deciding What Matters and How to Share It

When a superior in your career tells you “so what?” in response to the presentation of an idea, it can either break you or motivate you to prove your point further. For Sandy Perez, Lead Intelligence Analyst for Alcon, this response drove her to do the latter and inspired her career where she is responsible for developing the strategic intelligence program and enhancing Alcon’s Global Security proactive and predictive analytics capabilities.

She has a breadth of analytical experience collaborating with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the public safety and threat assessment arenas, with focus areas on counterterrorism, critical infrastructure, data analytics, and open-source intelligence methodology. Throughout her career, she has fine-tuned her ability to take raw information and put it into a form that can be used for security and protection and knows to always put the “so what” front and center.

Sandy joins host Dr. Marisa Randazzo to discuss:

  • What the work of an intelligence analyst really entails.
  • The purpose of fusion centers and why they vary from state to state.
  • The most important consideration for women and girls to consider when embarking on a career in security.
  • The value of training, mentorship, and involvement in professional organizations at all stages of a career.