Thor Writes in Real-Time in his Latest Harvath Thriller, Dead Fall

Brad Thor is widely known for his captivating plots which closely parallel the real threats facing the world today. In his latest thriller, Dead Fall, he faces a new challenge as a writer — writing in real-time as the war in Ukraine persists.

Thor is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of now twenty-three thrillers. He has appeared on FOX News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and many other media outlets to discuss terrorism and current events. Thor was recruited into the Department of Homeland Security’s “Red Cell” program: an elite group of writers and artists commissioned to brainstorm terrorist scenarios for the U.S. government.

Thor returns to the podcast to discuss:

  • Why Dead Fall is arguably the most intense thriller he has written.
  • His approach to writing each novel (you’ll learn what the term ‘pantser’ means.)
  • The top three authors who have inspired him most and the best advice he’s received.

Dead Fall was released on July 25, 2023, and can be found here.