Till Death Do Us Part — Security at High-Profile Funerals

When it comes down to it, funerals for high-profile individuals reflect much of what takes place at a large scale event. From the intricate level of detail involved in planning logistics to managing media to ensuring unwanted guests stay clear of the service — the event must feel seamless to the average spectator, despite the extent of planning and security protocols that take place behind the scenes. 

William Villanova knows this all too well, as he has been managing events of this nature for over three decades. He is the President of Frank E. Campbell – The Funeral Chapel in New York City, which has a rich history and is arguably the most well-known funeral home in Manhattan, if not the Nation. He is well known for implementing and promoting the highest standards in funeral service, of which security and privacy are paramount to a successful event. 

Key topics of Villanova’s discussion with host Fred Burton include:

  • The preparation and contingency planning that goes into a celebrity funeral in the days/weeks leading up to the event.
  • The various teams involved in orchestrating a high-profile funeral – from NYPD to multiple private security teams to Secret Service.
  • The extent of contingency planning represented by the collaboration between medical teams and local hospitals on standby.

Villanova also appeared on HBO’s Succession Podcast to discuss a similar topic in May 2023.