Transforming Security with Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the AI Revolution with Brian Tuskan and Phil Capizzi

At a time when the digital landscape is evolving at lightning speed, the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and physical security has never been more critical. With their extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, corporate security, and enterprise technology, Brian Tuskan and Phil Capizzi reveal the complexities and the promise of AI in safeguarding our physical spaces to host Marisa Randazzo. 

Brian Tuskan, with his rich history in both the police force and corporate security realms, and Phil Capizzi, an expert in software implementation and technical account management, discuss emerging threats, the pathway to adopting AI in security protocols, and the importance of collaboration and human oversight in this technology’s deployment. The discussion navigates through the pressing need for advanced threat detection and response mechanisms amidst growing security challenges. They also tackle the pressing issues surrounding the adoption of AI technologies, advocating for a balanced approach that values team collaboration, meticulous data validation, and the ethical use of technology.

Tune into Marisa Randazzo’s conversation with Brian and Phil to hear about: 

  • The critical importance of integrating AI into security protocols. 
  • Complimenting AI with human oversight and judgment to ensure decisions are ethical and accurate.
  • How AI can elevate threat detection and response, creating a dynamic and proactive defense mechanism against evolving threats.