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What Happens Afterward? How Capital One’s Care Team Addresses the Aftermath of an Incident

When companies investigate incidents and address threats posed to the business and its people, the aftermath of resolution is frequently overlooked. Recognizing this gap, Wendy Bailey established Capital One’s Care Team. Comprising of internal members, this team extends support to individuals who have suffered injuries or witnessed threat activity, supporting a comprehensive approach to recovery. In this episode, she shares how technology in the investigative research field has evolved and why the noisiest cases are not always the ones you prioritize.

Wendy Bailey is the Manager of Capital One’s Threat Management Team where she assesses and manages workplace violence, intimate partner violence, and suicide concerns. Before transitioning to the private sector, Bailey spent 19 years in Law Enforcement and held various roles including 14 years as a Detective. 

Key topics of Bailey’s discussion with Dr. Marisa Randazzo include:

  • How technology has evolved from landlines to social media and the speed of information available to investigate incidents.
  • The importance of the initial interview for de-escalation, especially when the opportunity presents itself and the safety of the interviewer is ensured.
  • The biggest challenges of her investigative work and how she manages a growing caseload and conducts long term monitoring.
  • The benefit of diversity in experience for those wanting to enter the investigative field and the most important skill set needed.

This episode focused on the importance of having an integrated system so teams can view a complete, accurate, and up-to-date picture of their threat landscape. Ontic’s Integrated Research optimizes risk and threat management with identity, criminal activity, civil litigation, adverse media, and global public records coverage — all in one place. Reach out here if you’d like to learn more.