What it Takes to Modernize Your Threat Management Approach

The field of threat intelligence has evolved far from the days of interviews and observation around a predator or risk. The uptick in social media activity combined with the post-traumatic stress after COVID-19 has drastically changed the way security professionals approach a threat and prioritize information, and it’s critical to stay current on the discussion.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in security consulting, executive security, investigations, and training, Chuck Tobin, Chairman and President of AT-RISK International, Inc., shares his knowledge on how the threat management space has evolved and how to keep up. As the Director of Security/Senior Consultant to three Prime Ministers/Presidential Candidates, Chuck has developed a global political campaign security expertise. This combined with his knowledge and practice in violence threat assessment, investigations, executive security and training has led him to many leadership positions in the industry.

Chuck Tobin joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • How social media has changed threat intelligence investigations
  • Why it’s equally important to learn about a potential threat on a human level, as well as analytical (check out an ATAP training he recommends.)
  • How to speak in a language that decision-makers understand to communicate security concerns