Where Strategic Intelligence Fits Into a Company’s Global Operations

Thinking beyond tactical day-to-day security operations is a goal we’ve heard time and time again. However, in today’s threat landscape it’s a choice we can’t ignore. Reading changes around the world that occur outside the boundaries of business operations is growing in importance to both corporations and non-government organizations alike.

Rodger Baker joins host Fred Burton to discuss the increase in companies incorporating geopolitical analysis into their overall business plan. However, it’s not always placed in the right area and defaults to solely a security concern. He shares why this strategic analysis can’t live alone in one department and understanding the broader landscape before incorporating it internally is crucial.

Rodger Baker is the Executive Director of the Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics at RANE, a global center of excellence for geopolitical intelligence and analysis. For more than 20 years Rodger has guided the company’s analytical process and is one of the world’s leading experts on North Korea – having dedicated extended periods of time living and working in and around the Korean peninsula. His core emphasis is the multidisciplinary approach to geopolitics and the evolution of international relations to develop mid- and long-term forecasts to assist companies, governments and other globally engaged organizations make informed decisions.