2022 Mid-Year Outlook State of Protective Intelligence Report

The Perspective from Physical Security, Cybersecurity and IT, Human Resources, and Legal and Compliance Leaders

As geopolitical, social and economic headwinds persist, threats to corporations are increasing and the security landscape is growing in complexity. Unified threat assessments are more important than ever, but unclear responsibilities and communication gaps can result in redundant, inefficient and inadequate actions.

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Ontic surveyed 400 executives across four different departments at U.S. enterprises who have responsibilities for protecting businesses: physical security, cybersecurity and IT, human resources, and legal and compliance.

Download the report to gain new insights into:

Why Threats Fall Through the Cracks

Threat definition can differ by department, driving potential for confusion, poor communication and missed threats

Risk and Security Strategies

Emulating a safe environment by downplaying risks could result in failure to investigate, assess and manage threats

Benefits of Convergence

The benefits for business resilience and continuity as companies consolidate threat intelligence solutions