The 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report

As hybrid work continues, already high levels of physical threats are expected to rise, significant health and safety protocol-related conflicts are occurring, and workplace violence preparedness remains primarily reactive and inconsistent.

To better understand the challenges and opportunities unfolding in 2022 and the potential impacts on business continuity, Ontic surveyed over 350 physical security, legal, and compliance leaders from U.S. enterprise companies.

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Download the report for insights on:

Why More Threats Will Be Missed

Companies are experiencing a dramatic increase in physical threat volume and frequency resulting in more missed threats in 2022

Ignored Risks to Business Continuity

How failure to imagine the unimaginable — and inaction — will result in an inability to be prepared when crises arise across the organization

Security Intelligence Consolidation

The trend toward unifying threat intelligence, monitoring and alerting solutions across physical and cyber security, HR, legal and compliance