Security Industry Forecasts for 2024 and Beyond

Against the backdrop of economic volatility and geopolitical tensions, corporate security today is marked by perpetual crisis management, evolving threat landscapes, and the convergence of physical and cyber security. Amidst this ongoing uncertainty, corporate security leaders are being urged to shift from crisis management to proactive strategies, master security intelligence, and gain a competitive edge.

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Download this report for an exclusive look at 2024 forecasts from top security and safety leaders covering:

Shifting to Proactive Leadership

What proactive measures should be prioritized to enable effective crisis management?

Generative AI and Disinformation

How can security teams leverage the benefits of AI integration while managing the risks of spreading misinformation and disinformation?

Addressing Burnout and Talent Gaps

How can employers strategically hire, upskill, and support emotional resilience in their workforce?