California SB 553: What You Need To Know and How To Comply


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Senate Bill 553 requires most California employers (and employers who have a presence in California) to take steps to prevent and respond to workplace violence and have a plan in place by July 1, 2024. Employers affected by this legislation must take swift action to understand what is required, implement these requirements into their programs, and train their employees.


In this webinar, you’ll hear actionable tips from industry experts for your team to learn:

What the Law Requires

Learn which organizations are affected by this law and what the requirements are

How to Comply

Understand the steps necessary to implement a workplace violence program to meet requirements

How Ontic Can Help

See an in-platform demonstration showing how Ontic can be leveraged to achieve compliance


Cynthia Marble

Sr. Director, Threat Assessment

Sam Scanlon

Solutions Consultant