Detect, Understand, Act: How Real Time Threat Monitoring Mitigates Risk


CPE Accredited

Whether it’s for the corporate office, business logistics, or events, physical security teams are tasked with collecting the right data, understanding the conditions of the situation, and deciding what actions to take. More often than not, this happens in silos, which creates intelligence gaps and opens up your organization to risk. Situational awareness tools enable organizations to unify their approach to proactive security and protection of the organization.


In just 40 minutes, you’ll learn the importance of leveraging real time threat monitoring software to facilitate intelligent decision-making, as well as:

What Situational Awareness Is

We’ll dig into what it means, the inherent challenges it creates, and why it matters for security teams

How to Bridge the Gap

Develop context and advanced understanding by bringing together your technology, processes, and people

Making Decisions that Matter

Learn how teams can prepare for a coordinated response across the organization using enterprise threat monitoring tools


Kristin Lenardson

Vice President, Managed Risk Services

Tom Kopecky

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Fred Burton

Executive Director, Center for Protective Intelligence

Luke Quanstrom

CEO and Co-Founder
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