Threat Assessment and Management Services

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Establish a consistent, unified approach to threat assessment with training and guidance from experts with decades of experience handling thousands of threat cases. The threat assessment and management experts will coach your team on a threat management program designed on best practices and proven protocols to conduct threat assessments and make informed decisions to protect people and assets, maintain business continuity, reduce financial harm and protect corporate reputation.

Elevate your threat management program with anexpert-led approach to threat management

Threat assessment training

Select from a series of established sessions designed to give your team the education and tools to conduct threat assessments. From informational sessions to case study workshops to de-escalation strategies, threat assessment and management experts will train your team in-person or virtually.

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SIGMA-02-strategic review

Threat management strategic review

Let the experts lead a strategic review of your existing resources and practices for handling threatening behavior to produce an action plan for building or enhancing a program. You’ll get a confidential report on findings and recommendations for program enhancement to meet American National Standard.

Case coaching and guidance

Call on the experts to assist with complex cases and individual threat assessment situations. Once your program is established and your team is trained, you can leverage ongoing case coaching and support to help maintain best practices and optimize your program.

SIGMA-03-case coaching

Learn how to implement a unified threat management program

Meet the team

Executive Director, Threat Management

Dr. Marisa

Randazzo, PhD

Dr. Marisa Randazzo, PhD

Executive Director, Threat Management

Former chief psychologist for the U.S. Secret Service, Dr. Marisa Randazzo is an international expert on threat assessment and threat management. As Executive Director of Threat Management, she offers strategic consulting and services to support clients in developing and managing threat assessment and protective intelligence programs.

Sr. Director, Threat Assessment Management Operations



Cynthia Marble

Senior Director, Threat Assessment Management Operations

Retired special agent with the U.S. Secret Service, Cindy is a nationally recognized leader in the threat assessment and management. With over 26 years of experience working protective intelligence investigations, national security, executive protection and global security operations. Cindy leads all consultations and program development operations for Ontic's threat assessment training.

Director, Threat Assessment and Management Strategic Services


Van Horn, M.S.

Dorian Van Horn, M.S.

Director, Threat Assessment and Management Strategic Services

Former NCIS agent, Dori architected the Threat Management Unit (TMU) overseeing hundreds of cases a year. Leveraging the SIGMA threat assessment methodology, Dori supports safety in schools, local municipalities and commercial enterprises. She holds several advisor positions with the Defense Science Board (DSB), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Intelligence and Analysis, and the National Threat Evaluation and Reporting (NTER) Program.

Director, Threat Assessment and Management Operations



Tara Conway

Director, Threat Assessment and Management Operations

Former protective intelligence analyst and threat assessment specialist for the U.S. Secret Service, Tara is experienced in identifying groups and subjects who pose potential threats to individuals and entities. As a training operations lead, she supports safety in schools, local municipalities and agencies, as well as commercial enterprises.


Workplace violence results in an estimated $250-$350 billion annual cost to businesses due to lost productivity, illness, injuries, turnover, lawsuits, absenteeism and damaged reputation


2 million assaults and threats of violence against Americans in the workplace occur annually


Victims of domestic violence lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the U.S., resulting in a $1.8 billion loss in productivity for employers

I have used other models, but have never before found one that so clearly identifies the level of risk AND includes preventative measures by ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken even in situations that are not deemed imminent.

Fortune 1000 HR Director

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