A Program Recognizing Physical Security Leaders Who Have Paved the Way in the Field of Protection

It’s no secret that physical security threats today are reaching unprecedented levels, spurred by extremism, COVID-19, racial justice and geopolitical issues. Protective intelligence plays an increasingly critical role in managing physical threats to prevent major crises.

In our industry, there are many influential leaders who have inspired those in the protection community to embody this shift to a more proactive, always-on security approach. That’s why we launched Protective Intelligence Honors, a program we developed at the Center for Protective Intelligence to celebrate leaders in two categories:

  • Pioneers, recognizing those who developed and/or trailblazed the application of new physical protection models, methods or areas of protective knowledge; innovated a protection solution and/or drove new shifts in thinking or approaching protection
  • Thought Leaders, celebrating veteran practitioners and established experts in the field who are actively contributing to and advancing protective intelligence industry knowledge and careers

When I see the names on our inaugural list, I am humbled by their impact and am indebted for all they have done and continue to do to keep us from harm. It’s time to tell a story around these individuals and recognize their craft.

All honorees have been nominated by a committee of experts at the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, as well as nominations from the greater physical security community. Each month we will be recognizing new leaders, and sharing interviews and content that will inspire the next generation of physical security leaders.

Check out ProtectiveIntelligenceHonors.com to learn more.

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