Connected Corporate Security: How to Manage Threats and Risks with a Unified Security Model


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Security teams have a unique opportunity to serve as the connector within any organization and develop new, integrated solutions. The key to realizing this potential lies with technology, talent, partnerships, external networks, and the right kind of leadership and metrics.


Hear Rachel Briggs, CEO of The Clarity Factory, and Chuck Randolph, Chief Security Officer of Ontic, in this one-hour webinar as they share findings from our report, Connected Corporate Security: How To Manage Threats and Risks With a Unified Model, including how to work:

Across The Company

Partner with colleagues outside of your team by sharing data

Between The Company and External Networks

Leverage your external network to benefit the corporation

Within The Corporate Security Function

Collaborate on unified tech platforms for improved insights


Rachel Briggs

CEO and Founder of Clarity Factory

Chuck Randolph

Chief Security Officer at Ontic
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