The 2022 Ontic Summit is just around the corner, bringing together security leaders from the world’s largest companies to Austin, TX from February 21-23 to explore the latest strategies and technologies propelling our industry forward.

Curious about attending Summit and what you will learn while on-site? Check out some of the sessions we are excited about below as well as our full agenda ⁠— and be sure to register while there’s still time! 

The Modernization of Intelligence
The feeling of being overwhelmed by too many tools — and too many potential threats — lives in the minds of security professionals every day. Combine this with the fact that, more often than not, you have insufficient resources to handle the greater frequency and volume of physical threats coming at you day in and day out. 

These sessions will discuss the variety of ways you can modernize and transform your security program to ensure that you have more time to focus on what matters: keeping your people and assets safe. 

  • The Importance of Threat Assessment for Modern-Day Security Programs
    Join industry leaders from MITRE, WAVR-21 and Netflix as they dive into the significant role threat assessment plays in today’s protective intelligence programs.
  • The Key Elements to Building a Successful Protective Intelligence Program
    What is essential to a program that is modern, innovative and effective in helping keep your company safe? Practitioners from Smithfield, Take-Two Interactive and Related Companies will discuss what it takes.
  • Next-Generation Executive Protection Programs
    As threats against executives increase, EP professionals need tools that help them better understand the threats, vulnerabilities and associated risk to the leaders they work every day to protect. Diving into this subject further are EP experts from Discovery Land Company and Dell.

Maintaining Business Resilience and Reputation 
Physical threats are business continuity threats. The continuous operation of any business is critical to its ongoing success, but physical threats and violence against executives, employees and property can put business continuity at risk and have a lasting negative effect. Vulnerabilities that are ignored or incidents treated as “one-off” short-term issues can lead to greater compliance, regulation, reputation and recruiting challenges that impact business results and viability long-term.

These sessions will discuss a variety of ways you can maintain the business resilience and reputation that is crucial to today’s modern enterprise.

  • Uniting Legal and Security to Keep Businesses Resilient, Safer and More Secure
    Taking the stage are leaders working toward strengthening business resiliency for their organizations by keeping intelligence risks and physical threats at the forefront of their strategies. 
  • Proving The Value of Corporate Security In Your Organization
    Everything from understanding how to win and sustain executive leadership, measuring and reporting on performance and the importance of corporate security for business continuity and reputation will be covered. 

Preparing Your Organization for Transformational Shifts
The security world is constantly changing, especially during a year that has been in constant flux. A shift to hybrid work, the convergence of cyber and physical security as well as the overall move toward technology as a means to support security teams in doing their jobs better are just a few of the notable shifts.

These sessions will highlight the leaders at the forefront of these transformations, discussing what they’ve done to get their companies quickly prepared for the future.

  • The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Physical Security — What Will It Take?
    There’s no denying that cyber and physical security are going to become more and more converged in the years ahead. But, getting to true convergence will be a challenge. Join leaders from Frost & Sullivan, Dominion Energy and American Electric Power as they share more about its importance and the initial steps they’ve taken.
  • Addressing Workplace Violence in a World of Hybrid Work
    Feeling safe at work has taken on a whole new meaning over the past two years. Learn how corporate security leaders from Nielsen and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company are addressing workplace violence in today’s world and breaking down organizational silos to improve the effectiveness of workplace safety teams.

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