Data Partners and Technology Integrations

Connect critical data sources and systems for a complete view

Leverage the power of Ontic’s open platform and our variety of data partners so your team can benefit from tailored, unified workflows between devices and applications to enhance safety and security operations — all from a single place.


Build a Connected Ecosystem with fully integrated data and technology

With Ontic's Connected Ecosystem program, you will empower your team with access to the information they need surrounding risks and potential threats, while maintaining one source of truth with secure and seamless integration of data, systems, and hardware.

  • Unlock key data from industry-leading data providers

    Access the most complete portfolio of integrated research tools and data sources for more proactive listening and situational awareness.

  • Bridge workflows and break down silos

    Integrate other applications and data to steamline processes and foster cross-functional collaboration with a single source of truth.

  • Create a connected security landscape

    Benefit from expanded insights and increased visibility by integrating your devices and technology.

  • Get a flexible solution that scales with you

    From connecting your existing business and security systems to integrating with a home-grown internal tool, create a powerful solution that evolves with you.

Enable a seamless experience

Combine world-class capabilities and limitless flexibility through our portfolio of data partners and integrations to optimize your team and elevate impact.

Direct data connections
  • OSINT, public events, dark web, crime activity, and more
  • Real-time searches of public record databases
  • Automatic scanning and alerts for new data
Automated information flows
  • Two-way sharing of information and data
  • Shared awareness of employee status’ and compliance
  • Synchronized record keeping with integrated business tools
Metrics and reporting
  • Key performance metrics dashboards
  • Trend analysis and pattern recognition
  • Shareable reports with ready-made charts
Integrate with essential systems
  • Pair license plate camera data with threat actors
  • Detect badge swipes by unauthorized employees
  • Compare visitor registrations with POI watchlists
Coordinated action and collaboration
  • Assign tasks, notifications, and chat
  • Rules driven workflows for ongoing response
  • Take action directly from integrated data
Ongoing support and flexibility
  • Team of in-house technology experts
  • Tailored functionality and optimization
  • Continuous platform improvements

Fortune 500 Media Company
“Bringing multiple data feeds and research tools into a single platform that makes it easy to connect findings with an entity has been a huge asset.”
Leading Nonprofit Organization
“We're planning different ways to incorporate Ontic with our various programs and methodologies, as it is a good tool for initial research, centralizing data, collaboration, and gathering metrics.”
Head of Security Emerging Pharmaceutical Company
“We love having everything in one place: entities, social media, investigations. What used to take us 2-3 days to do now takes 15-20 minutes. It's an enormous time saver.”

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