Minimizing IP Theft and Insider Threats During Times of Layoffs


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Building out cross-functional collaboration between cyber and physical security teams will create a more unified approach, where a common language is established to better understand each department’s key priorities and processes. Doing so ensures there is collective monitoring of identified risk groups or individuals. It also ensures that any information is shared across security departments, ultimately assisting in communicating any threats or risks promptly and consistently. During times of turmoil at a company, such as when a layoff occurs, the ability to act proactively and collaboratively is more crucial than ever.

The Protection of Culture

As you know, collaborative, proactive cultures that foster close working relationships between departments are essential to managing a company during times of uncertainty. But those relationships must be built before storm clouds form on the horizon.

Security teams can have a role to play in developing company culture by creating and fostering a proactive mindset that safeguards people, company data, and assets. They can be advocates for robust services that ensure a soft landing for impacted employees.

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Minimizing IP Theft and Insider Threats During Times of Layoffs