Why Corporate Execs Should Prepare For Heightened Polarization

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This year alone, the Department of Homeland Security has issued over half a dozen National Terrorism Advisory Bulletins. The latest warned that the U.S. remains in a heightened threat environment.

Sadly, the DHS’s bulletins aren’t a new development. For the past few years, domestic extremists and foreign adversaries alike have capitalized on the extreme polarization of the American electorate. The upcoming midterm elections may exacerbate these tensions.

Against this backdrop of threatened violence, businesses have increasingly been asked to weigh in on potentially hot-button issues. More than half of American workers say they support business leaders speaking out on social and political issues, according to a CNBC|Momentive survey. But less than one-third of Americans support a company’s leadership speaking out on social and political issues when leaders are not advocating for a position the worker holds.

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