The Evolution of Risk Management with Tristan Flannery 

Chuck Randolph examines the world of risk management and security consulting with Tristan Flannery, the visionary founder of Orbital Risk. Tristan’s remarkable career trajectory has taken him from the rigorous discipline of an Army Ranger to the forefront of global security, which led to the establishment of Orbital Risk in 2020. Drawing on his extensive experience across military, government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors, Tristan shares invaluable insights into the evolution of risk management strategies in the face of emerging global threats. 

Throughout their conversation, Tristan explains the foundational principles guiding Orbital Risk—analyzing vulnerabilities, threats, and consequences to develop tailored security strategies for diverse clients, from family offices to multinational corporations. He highlights the pivotal role of his MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business in refining his perspective on corporate leadership and decision-making. This episode is not just a narrative of Tristan’s personal and professional growth but also serves as a masterclass on adopting a risk-informed, intelligence-driven approach to security and operations.

Tune into Tristan’s conversation with Chuck Randolph as they: 

  • Discuss the importance of adopting a risk-informed, intelligence-driven approach to security and operations. 
  • Offer invaluable advice for professionals navigating the complex landscape of risk management and security today. 
  • Look into how emerging global threats have shaped modern risk management strategies, with a focus on creating bespoke solutions for a diverse range of clients. 

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