Beneath the Surface of Fraud, Corruption, and Compliance Risk Investigations

Identifying the most imminent threats are often far beneath what surfaces in the headlines. They take the expertise and perspectives of a team to ensure answers are sought collectively to minimize bias. This all-encompassing approach is especially important when dealing with cases involving fraud, corruption, and compliance risk.

James Tunkey is the Chief Operating Officer of I-OnAsia, a global risk management consultancy. He works with large publicly-listed companies, high-growth companies on track to IPO, VCs, underwriters, law firm capital markets teams, and public accounting companies to identify risk. A large percentage of James’ day-to-day work involves assessing fraud, corruption, reputational, and compliance risks through due diligence and background checks. James also leads global investigations into allegations of fraud, bribery, corruption, sanctions violations, money laundering, intellectual property rights theft, and ESG/BHR compliance failures. James has investigated many (many!) scams and schemes and is adept at locating people and finding real assets.

James joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • The difference between due diligence and a background check
  • The most important trait to being successful in fraud investigations
  • Why communicating in a way that the business understands is crucial
  • Advice for those seeking opportunities in fraud investigations