Building Blocks for a Strategic Partnership Between Security and the C-Suite

In this episode of the Women Who Protect series, Marisa is joined by Wendy Bashnan, the Director of Security and Fire Protection at Scout Motors, Inc., and a returning guest on the Protective Intelligence Podcast to discuss the foundational elements of a robust security program. This time, Wendy joins us on an episode of Women Who Protect to share her journey from government service to her current role as she explains the vital role of communication skills and adaptability in the security realm. Wendy and Marisa also dive into the paradigm shift within security, moving from performance metrics to focusing on effectiveness and impact.

With over thirty years of experience in risk management, Wendy offers her knowledge on developing a security-conscious culture that fosters strategic alliances and aligns with the organization’s primary objectives. With a distinguished background in law enforcement, investigations, and the development of intelligence-driven security strategies on a global scale, Wendy explains the intricate balance between safeguarding assets and supporting corporate growth.

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • The difference in risk tolerance and risk appetite changing from public sector to private sector (and to startups)
  • Tactics for enhancing security budgets by garnering cross-functional support across the business
  • Critical steps for embedding security as a cornerstone of the organizational structure by exhibiting their strategic significance
  • Advice for women and girls interested in careers in security and protection

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