Mastering Global Security and Risk Management: Key Strategies from Exlog’s VP of Global Operations

In this episode of Women Who Protect, host Dr. Marisa Randazzo, Ph.D., sits down with Anna Lepingwell, the Vice President for Global Operations at Exlog Global. Based in London and part of the robust European contingent of the company, Anna brings her extensive expertise to the fore, discussing the intricate world of risk management security practices.

Anna shares her journey from university to the security sector, detailing a career securing organizations against threats. Anna highlights day-to-day responsibilities and insights on crisis response, emphasizing preparedness and technology-human balance. Anna empowers women in security – and anyone seeking a career in security – with mentorship advice and industry foresight, offering practical wisdom for listeners seeking global security insights.

Whether you’re an aspiring security professional, a seasoned analyst, or simply a listener eager to understand the complexities behind global security strategies, this episode promises a mix of practical wisdom, industry foresight, and actionable advice. Listen to this episode to learn from the expertise of Anna Lepingwell as she navigates the dynamics of global operations.

Tune in to this episode to hear Lepingwell discuss:

  • Geopolitical Dynamics and Security: Anna discusses how understanding global political movements is crucial for predicting and mitigating risks in the security sector.
  • Technology in Risk Management: The conversation explores the dual-edged sword of technology in security efforts, emphasizing the need for a synthesis between technological tools and the human element.
  • Mentorship and Professional Growth: Insights into the importance of mentorship, professional networking, and continuous learning for individuals seeking to carve out a successful career in security and risk management.

 Anna is responsible for providing worldwide capabilities around organizational resilience, protective intelligence, and crisis management to clients and partners. Anna leads a team of risk advisors and other specialists that provide around-the-clock global threat and incident awareness, critical advice, and rapid response to people and organizations as part of dedicated global risk programs. In addition to planning and managing high-threat security or natural disaster evacuations, Anna has extensive experience in assessing risk and implementing appropriate mitigation measures.

Prior to joining the Exlog, Anna was the Director of Crisis Management for WorldAware. She speaks German and French and has a BA in International Studies and an MA in International Policy Studies with a Terrorism Studies Specialization from the Monterey Institute for International Studies.
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