Protecting Security’s Human Capital: A Conversation with Janina Lincke

In this episode of the Women Who Protect series, we are joined by Janina Lincke, Director of the AHNA Resource Center (ARC). With a career that spans the full spectrum of security and protection disciplines, Janina is experienced in corporate GSOCs, Business Threat Intelligence, Protective Intelligence, Close Protection, and Emergency Medical Response. 

Janina’s path into the security field is as compelling as it is unique, blending elements of academia with the practical challenges of physical security. Throughout her conversation with Dr. Marisa Randazzo, she highlights the critical importance of investing in human capital within the security industry. Whether discussing the treatment of employees or the engagement with vendors, Janina emphasizes that the key to enhancing productivity and fortifying business resilience lies in the value we place on people.

A staunch advocate for creating supportive and inclusive environments, Janina offers invaluable advice for women and girls aspiring to forge a career in security. Networking, benchmarking, and future-proofing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strategies for success in this dynamic field.

Tune into Janina’s conversation with Dr. Marisa Randazzo to hear: 

  • A profound discussion on the importance of investing in human capital and the impact of inclusive practices in the security industry. 
  • Strategies for success for women and girls aspiring to create a career in the dynamic security industry. 
  • Janina’s journey and the significance of female representation in leadership roles within security and protective services. 

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