The CCI Debrief — An Unfiltered Conversation on Today’s Security Landscape

This inaugural episode launches a new development in Ontic’s podcast — The Center for Connected Intelligence (CCI) Debrief. Hosts Fred Burton, Chuck Randolph, and Dr. Marisa Randazzo unpack what they are hearing and seeing in the word of security. Enjoy an unfiltered conversation of their observations and invaluable insights from the past few weeks.

Key topics of this discussion include:

  • Risk Fatigue from the Global Permacrisis — As the global permacrisis looms overhead, Burton shares the importance of focusing on your specific threat landscape and avoiding the harmful effects of risk fatigue. Marisa Randazzo adds how easy it is to miss signals or dismiss things that aren’t so immediate and how we need to support those on the front lines of the crisis.
  • Threat of Disinformation and Misinformation — With the upcoming election cycle later in the year the threat of being misinformed through false headlines is imminent. Randolph shares insights from his recent discussion with Suzanne Kelly at the Cipher Brief on retraining our brain to dive deeper into what we read and always consider the source.
  • Domestic Threat of Election Violence — Randazzo shares insights from her recent article on strategies to prepare organizations for presidential election disruption and Burton shares why evaluating the entire threat continuum is critical to identify individuals who may pose harm to a high profile figure or organization. Lately, this has resulted in an uptick in swatting incidents, and his conversation with Torchstone’s Scott Stewart dives more into this topic.
  • Reevaluate Business Continuity Practices — The hosts stress the importance of thinking through business continuity, what practices are in place, and if they are updated for the current threat landscape. Randolph also shares how informing employees of the security measures they are taking goes a long way in creating a culture of trust. 
  • The Impact of CA Senate Bill 553 — The law requiring most California employers (and employers who have a presence in California) to take steps to prevent and respond to workplace violence will go into effect July 1, 2024. Randazzo shares how important tracking and quickly accessing relevant data is as this order takes effect. For more information on this topic, check out Ontic’s recent webinar: CA SB 553: What You Need to Know and How to Comply. She also discusses why companies need to address the aftermath of incidents and the emotional strain on those impacted in light of her recent discussion with Wendy Bailey, Manager of Capital One’s Threat Management Team.

Stay tuned for the next CCI debrief and contact us at podcast@ontic.co if there are any questions or topics you would like the team to address.