The Story Behind The WAVR-21 — Assessing Targeted Workplace Violence

In this interview series, we spotlight leaders recognized in the Protective Intelligence Honors who have had a lasting impact on the security world as we know it. It is our hope that their insights on leadership and the timeless practice of security and protection will inspire you in your own efforts.

When you sit down to talk with two renowned psychologists trained in assessing targeted violence, stalking, psychopathy, and more, it’s bound to be an interesting conversation. This one does not disappoint.

Dr. Stephen White and Dr. Reid Meloy share their respective paths that led them to create the WAVR-21, an evidence-based structured professional judgment guide for assessing workplace violence risk. Starting with meeting at an ATAP conference, they combined forces and their expertise led them to create the WAVR-21 in 2007 (and subsequent revised editions).

Throughout their conversation with Fred, they share three key missteps for workplaces to avoid, and where they see the industry evolving over the next three years. They also share stories of the most interesting cases they’ve each worked on that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Check out their latest work here: International Handbook of Threat Assessment 2nd ed.