Anticipate and reduce corporate liability

Focus your investigations, protect data and control costs

When it comes to protecting your organization’s assets, you don’t have time for disconnected processes, insufficient documentation and lengthy investigation timelines. Ontic’s Corporate Liability solution is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform that enables legal teams to work seamlessly, using an integrated suite of investigation and collaboration tools, to evaluate a case and determine a course of action to resolve the matter.

Centralize your case management to reduce
complexities and protect assets

Spot risk signals and monitor anomalies

Get real-time information and signals from the largest source of public records and open-source listening data feeds integrated in one central place. With the ability to link your internal systems like visitor management, access control, HR portals and video management, your team can gain visibility of risk signals and act accordingly.


Protect privacy and know your data

With personalized workflows, your team can organize all your cases, easily capture and document investigation details and track progress with automated timeline and communication tools. Customized, role-based permissions help ensure that only those who need to see sensitive data have access to review and share important findings and activities.

Organize and customize analysis and reporting

Once your team develops an understanding of the initial investigation and is able to determine the next steps in the case, you can quickly compile analysis and create custom reports personalized for specific audiences. The integrated platform and workflows keep reports compliant and allow for on-going analysis to improve efficiency and streamline operations.


Ready to see Ontic's solution for managing corporate liability?

A platform to manage legal matters and casesseamlessly

Complete control over data privacy

Automated investigation activity log and timeline tracking

Powerful, universal search of your entire data and document library

Dynamic, visual dashboards for real-time
insights and key metric evaluation

Ontic has transformed how we protect our people and company value, and has become a critical part of our protective intelligence program.

Senior Director, Protective Services, Fortune 50 Technology Company

69% of security, legal, compliance and physical security executives say their leadership would agree it will be impossible for their company to recover financially and reputation-wise were a fatality to occur as a result of missed physical threats.
(ONTIC, 2020)


Gartner predicts 75% of CEOs will be personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents by 2024.
(GARTNER, 2020)


Among Legal and Compliance leaders more than seven out of 10 (71%) rank increased potential for financial losses as a top 3 compliance, risk or regulation issue impacting physical security strategy.
(ONTIC, 2020)