Data and Technology Integrations

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See how the Ontic Protective
Intelligence Platform works


A unified technology ecosystem for security teams

Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates with best-of-breed data and technology partners to centralize and scale your threat intelligence program. The secure, cloud-based SaaS solution provides you with a holistic view of the end-to-end threat landscape, ensuring your physical security team and colleagues have a connected experience across systems and the organization.


Trusted data and technology partners

Leverage secure connections with industry-leading data providers for always-on and real-time data streams and an open platform that supports direct integrations with your existing data sources, systems and devices.


Expansive data sources and integration partners to protect what matters

Proactive listening: Social media, dark web
and situational awareness

Get a comprehensive view of threats with the most complete, always-on stream of data from social media listening, real-time news, the deep and dark web and adverse media sources.


Integrated research: OSINT, public, criminal and civil records

With direct data connections and consolidation of research tools for identity, public records, arrests, incarcerations, release, civil records, federal court records, sex offender registries, terrorist watch list and more, the Ontic platform puts relevant information front and center.

Structured assessments: Threat assessment methodology

Integrated assessment tools let you drive specific data-driven processes to identify, score and rank potential threats. Whether you use your own rubric or subscribe to a formal methodology, we can support your assessment approach within the platform.


Connected device and systems data:
Vehicle, VMS, Access Control and CRM

Make Ontic the center of your security operations by connecting your systems and IoT devices like license plate reader (LPR) cameras, visitor management systems (VMS), customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration tools, authentication services, HR systems and more. The continuous connections use historical activity logs and deliver real-time data to help identify threats and send alerts.

Bring your own systems and devices

A flexible, open API platform supports secure integrations with data providers and any tools — hardware or software — across your organization to connect the security landscape.


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