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Build a unified ecosystem with data and technology partners

Bridging your business-critical systems can help eliminate silos, streamline processes and reduce risk throughout your organization. Ontic's open architecture means you can leverage secure and seamless integrations so your team can benefit from tailored, unified workflows between devices and applications for enhanced safety and security operations - all from a single place.

Expansive data sources and integration partners to protect what matters

Unlock key data from trusted providers

With so much information to sort through, direct data connections help put relevant information front and center for proactive listening and situational awareness. From the most complete portfolio of integrated research tools and real-time OSINT activity to crime data, Ontic partners with industry-leading data providers to provide connected, always-on data and events.

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Connect any system to bridge workflows

Make Ontic the center of your security operations by connecting systems like visitor management, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and cybersecurity tools. Foster cross-functional collaboration to capture information, connect data, and identify potential threats and risk indicators to ensure everyone is working with a single of truth to understand and mitigate risks.

Bring your own device for increased visibility

Connected devices provide teams with expanded insights and increased visibility to take fast, educated action. Ontic's open platform can serve as your bridge to a connected security landscape by integrating devices and technology, such as license plate reader cameras, access control systems, and more for proactive anomaly detection and pattern spotting.


Integrate Ontic with any API-enabled system

Ontic's flexible, open API platform supports customized integrations for any use case. From connecting your existing business and security systems to integrating with a home-grown internal tool, Ontic will work with you to create a powerful solution that meets your specific needs for complete cross-functional visibility.

Bringing multiple data feeds and research tools into a single platform that makes it easy to connect findings with an entity has been a huge asset.

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The Ontic

Our mission is to partner with you every step of the way to create a secure, robust, and smart solution, all with a focus on quality and reliability.

Constant Innovation

Your technology stack needs to evolve with your business. Ontic is committed to continuous platform improvements, an optimized user experience, and growing our data provider portfolio and technology partner ecosystem.

Dedicated Experts

Your success is our top priority. Having completed a large number of successful integrations for clients, Ontic's dedicated team of in-house technology experts will ensure your integration is up and running smoothly while providing ongoing support.

Seamless Connectivity

Integrations are at the core of what we do. This means your integrated data and tailored functionality will be completely interconnected with real-time data feeds, workflows, communications, metrics, incidents, investigations, case management, and more.

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